We at fifaut were able to play FIFA 19 in mid-July - and the goalkeepers did not convince us at the event either.
Unfortunately, the goalkeepers in our matches through the bank were a disaster. Everyone, really everyone, normal distance shot was in goal, as the goalkeepers reacted far too late.

Once the ball flew comfortably only a few inches past the goalkeeper, and instead of holding the hand, the goalkeeper threw himself as struck by lightning to the ground. By the way, the goalkeeper was no stranger, but Hugo Lloris.
Well, Manuel Neuer has cut out a few glittering parades that looked really good. But we were really surprised what the goalkeeper let in. You can read our detailed report on FIFA 19 here at fifauthack.

EA Sports still has time to adjust the goalkeepers

Will it be better for the release? We at Mein-MMO were only able to test a pre-demo and the beta is also just an early version of FIFA 19.
Finally, the beta took place for this purpose: To detect possible errors, to correct and make adjustments. EA Sports now has more than a month to bring the goalkeeping AI to a higher level.

The goalkeepers in FIFA, by the way, are being debated anew each year in the community. Whether FIFA 19 will succeed in satisfying the community in this regard will be shown by the future and learn about some bug fixes in fifa 19 here.

FIFA 19 will be released on 28.9. on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

New Stages for More Authenticity: Each year, EA Sports launches new licenses to make their football simulation even more realistic and authentic. An enthralling football atmosphere includes stadiums - of which there will be a few in FIFA 19.
Bundesliga fans can look forward to a return to the Signal Iduna Park: while the biggest German football stadium was missing in FIFA 18, it will be back in FIFA 19.

Below you will find the list of all new stadiums and then the complete FIFA 19 stadium list sorted by league and continent. Keep in mind that EA Sports may announce surprises later this summer - we will then update the article.
These stadiums are new to FIFA 19 - with Signal Iduna Park and La Liga
So far 22 new stadiums are known. In addition to Borussia Dortmund with the Signal Iduna Park, the Premier League promoters will also find their stadiums in FIFA 19, because EA has the complete Premier League rights:

  • Cardiff City Stadium (Cardiff City, Premier League) - Cardiff City has progressed to the Premier League this year. The Welsh Stadium can accommodate more than 33,000 fans.
  • Craven Cottage (Fulham FC, Premier League) - The Cottagers' stadium sits on the banks of the River Thames and has room for nearly 26,000 fans.
  • Molineux Stadium (Wolverhampton, Premier League) - Almost 32,000 spectators fit in this stadium.